Energy saving air compressor – Squeezing in the value

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In goes another energy saving (money saving) BOGE air compressor!

This direct drive, energy saving variable speed 55kw compressor has been squeezed into this shed replacing two aging 37kw fixed speed machines. The new SLF75-3 sits comfortably at 60% capacity whilst the previous compressors almost ran flat out trying to keep up with demand. Plus, when the end user needs to shot blast the BOGE effortlessly ramps up giving them a dependable, constant output they have always dreamed of. Less downtime equals more production!

Want to see the energy saving?

If we base the customers average usage on 6000 hours per year and a cost of £0.10 per Kwh, the customers old system (2 x 37Kw) was consuming approximately £44,400.00 per year.

If we estimate the new 55Kw compressor is running at 80% on average, this works out to be 44Kwh, giving us a new yearly usage of £26,400.00.

This solution has saved the customer a whopping £18,000.00 per year!!

To see if you could benefit from a modern efficient compressed air system, contact us for a free no obligation air survey. We will data log your current system and produce a detailed report showing any potential savings.