Compressed Air Pipework

DT Compressor Services has been providing customers with compressed air pipe installation and repair services for many years. We are installing pipework for customers on a daily basis across the Midlands and national contracts.

We aim to provide our customers with the most appropriate and best pipework solution for their particular circumstances. We will normally meet the customer on site and discuss their requirements, understand what they want and any existing system they may have. We will then propose the most appropriate routing, pipework system and how we will integrate it into their current system.

Normally we work with one of 2 different types of compressed air pipework, although we do use other systems if required.

  • Smooth bore round aluminium system
  • Traditional GALVANISED steel pipework.

Both systems offer benefits depending on the exact customer application and existing legacy system.

Aluminium pipe

High efficiency aluminium pipeline

Our range of efficient aluminium pipeline not only looks good, but it can increase the performance of your compressed air system. Through the combination of super smooth internal bores and no leak fittings you will suffer very few pressure drops and even less leaks. Due to the lightweight nature of this system installation costs are reduced as less engineers are required to install, plus it can be installed in record times. Ranging from 20mm up to 158mm we can cater for any application.

Traditional galvanised pipework

Our engineers are trained and have installed traditional galvanised pipework for many years. Although considered a legacy pipework system it still has its place in modern installations. We have multiple threading machines and dies suitable for all sizes of pipework. We can create full galvanised ring mains and carry out extensions or repairs to existing runs. We specialise in cladding pipework and carrying out renewals.
Galvanised Pipework